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Following a healthy diet has many advantages. You can lose weight or maintain it more easily while avoiding certain health conditions altogether. Giving your body healthy fuel for every meal, at home or the office, will help you feel your very best, every day.

Shoppers at the Empire Market in Joplin

When you eat whole (or non-processed) foods, your body gets more nutrients and less salt and sugar. Purchasing food from local farmers markets or smaller grocery retailers allows you to learn first-hand where your food comes from. Smaller farm operations utilize organic methods to grow, produce, and care for livestock, making your meals more nutritious.

Approximately one-third of weekdays are spent in the office. If your workplace offers a healthy eating and nutrition program, participate! It will be easier for you to maintain consistent, healthy eating habits, which can make you feel more engaged and productive while you work.

Make the decision to eat healthier. If you need help improving this part of your lifestyle, contact one of the Joplin area resources below.


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