This April, the Wildcat Glades Friends Group along with other partners, will be hosting a hands-on preschool connections program, kids and adult yoga, and a nature explorers’ event. Register for one today!

Our community is facing a health crisis.  Joplin has the dubious distinction of being the “least healthy community” in Missouri.  Compared to both state and national averages, Joplin has higher rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and mental health issues.

A new school garden will be installed at Soaring Height Elementary School on Saturday, March 20 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Five garden beds will be installed and filled with sand, compost, and eventually seeds.

You may think of “Fake News” and politics but “Fake Nutrition News” is even more rampant. “Carbs make you fat,” “Gluten causes weight gain,” and “Vitamin D supplements prevent COVID-19” are all headlines and social media stories that you have probably seen and they are all “Fake Nutrition News.”