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Assessment Partners Ask for Community Health Feedback

A variety of health care organizations have come together to better understand the health status, behaviors and needs of the populations they serve. The Jasper and Newton Counties Community Health Collaborative, working with partners across the region, issued a Regional Health Assessment in 2019 to evaluate the health of our community and set a shared vision for action.


Mercy Joplin Update September 2021

This month’s update from Mercy Hospital Joplin includes information on pain awareness month in September, spotlight on Mercy Clinics, onsite employer flu shot clinics, and an update on COVID-19 vaccination boosters for immunocompromised individuals

Fake News About Nutrition

You may think of “Fake News” and politics but “Fake Nutrition News” is even more rampant. “Carbs make you fat,” “Gluten causes weight gain,” and “Vitamin D supplements prevent COVID-19” are all headlines and social media stories that you have probably seen and they are all “Fake Nutrition News.”