A man playing ping pong at the office

Having a healthy environment in the workplace is essential for employers and employees to be successful and productive. In a healthy workplace, you may find employees have higher job satisfaction and feel less stressed.

An unhealthy workplace can lead to job burnout – a state of emotional, mental, and sometimes physical exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. Employees and employers may feel overwhelmed and dissatisfied with their job. Burnout can cause physical fatigue and unwanted stress. Focusing on your emotional, mental and physical health can help you fight feelings of burnout, which in turn will help you be more productive, fell less stressed, and create a healthier work environment.

By focusing on mental, physical, and emotional health, you can create a culture that thrives with employees who are productive and satisfied with their work. Mental health in the workplace is important for everyone because when it is a priority everyone feels safe. For most employees, better mental health and a healthy workplace means creating a work-life balance. Although employers cannot control what goes on outside of work, they can try to create a space where employees feel safe and enjoy coming to work.
Here are some ideas on how to create a healthy workspace:

• Offer resources to mental health benefits: Start an employee assistance program. Provide resources for counseling sessions and/or telehealth visits for mental health.

• Promote setting boundaries: Encourage time management and give employees so they can establish and maintain regular work day hours.

• Support wellness activities: Create a wellness program and encourage physical activity. Start walking groups or team yoga sessions. Keep sleep logs. Have group or personal meditation.

These are only some of the ideas that employers can establish in their workplace . They lessen the risk of job burnout and keep employees coming back to work. By prioritizing mental, physical, and emotional health, you will find that employees come to work happier, less stressed and more productive.

Submitted by Abbie Casper, MSSU Health Promotion and Wellness Intern
Reviewed by Kris Drake RN, CHPD Freeman Health System Wellness Coordinator